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The Snow Queen

Hello! I apologise for not posting here for a very long while - especially when I've said I'm trying to start again at this New Years Resolution currently being unsuccessful!

Though I do have an excuse!

I have been very busy this week since it was Production Week of our theatre company The Barefoot Players' latest production! Huzzah! We performed Hans Christian Anderson's tale of The Snow Queen which was adapted to script by my best friend Ellie! I was able to make costumes as well as perform in it, and it was absolutely amazing and magical and beautiful! I am very sad it is over and kind of wish we had one more performance!

The story for those who don't know is about a mirror that is created by the devil and the mirror makes everything that is beautiful and good look ugly and bad. The devil and his minions decide to fly the mirror up to heaven to show the 'true face of God' but on the way they drop the mirror and it smashes to pieces! Meanwhile a young girl and boy (Gerda and Kay) are out in the snow, when suddenly a shard of the mirror land's in Kay's eye and heart, and suddenly he turns into a horrible person, thinking Gerda and everything around him is horrible and ugly. Upon this time he meets a mysterious woman called the Snow Queen who has been collecting the shards of the mirror back together, with the intention of taking over the world. To Kay, she seems like the most beautiful thing in the ugly place that is the world, so he travels with her to her palace of ice, where she demands that he 'solves the puzzle' of the broken mirror. Meanwhile, worried where her friend Kay has vanished to, Gerda goes off on an adventure to find and rescue him, where she meets lots of people who help and hinder her on the way, including a talking reindeer and crow, a clever princess, a band of robber fiends and magical talking flowers! Its a very good story!

I have a couple of photos taken from the performance so I thought you might all like to see! :D

This was my favourite character out of the four I played in the performance! I got to play the clever princess, the princess has read all the newspapers in the world but has forgotten everything she has read! She is incredibly silly and very spoilt! I got to stomp and shout a lot! :D

Sneaky demons are being sneaky - with an added Kay! (I'm the demon right behind Kay) I've never worn spandex before so this was an...interesting experience. I'm going to try and avoid it in future however!

And finally, a cast photo! Everyone was excellent and played their parts beautifully!

Characters from left to right, back to front: 
Gerda, Demon, Snow Queen, Demon, Robber Girl, Robber King, Finn Woman (Me!), Stage Manager, Kay and the Robber Queen at the front!

I'll probably upload some more photos at some point as I'm waiting to get a lot more off our Snow Queen (somehow she was taking photos with her uber-long fingernails! How she did it I don't know!)  I've even got some video of the production floating around which I might even upload at some point!!! :D However, I've got this up on the BFP youtube channel at the moment, so a clip of one of the scenes in rehersal will have to do!

The video was taken at a rehearsal for The Snow Queen. In this scene Kay has learned that living in a frozen wasteland is terrifying and that he is slowly dying from the cold. He wants to go home but the Snow Queen won't let him leave. He needs Gerda to rescue him!


Gosh I'm rubbish at this. I started a blog on e-blog or whatever for my uni work but I failed at that too! Oh well. Nevermind. Lets see if I can try and start things again and be a little bit more successful, woo!

Starting out

I don't fully understand livejournal. I've tried it before but I don't really get it, haha, so here I am trying again to see if I get it this time (I probably won't). Mostly on here just to look at several different communities with pretty pictures of clothes and stuff on there! So don't mind me! :)



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